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The 44 Presidents - The Numbering System
This article provides a list, facts dates and pictures of the 44 Presidents. Our list of 44 Presidents provides the names of all the 44 Presidents, their numbers, their dates of terms in office, their age when they were inaugurated, their birthdays, their dates of death and their political parties.
All of the Presidents of the United States are numbered.  The numbering system used to describe the order of Presidents is defined as an "uninterrupted period of time in office served by one person". Many of the 44 Presidents have served two consecutive terms in uninterrupted periods in office. Look at the list of the 44 Presidents and you'll find that George Washington served two consecutive terms in office and is counted as the first president, not the first and second.

43 Presidents - 44 Presidential Administrations!
To date there have been 44 presidential administrations, however there have only been 43 US Presidents! The reason for this is that  President Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms of presidency. His first term was from 1885 to 1889 as the 22nd US President and his second term was from 1893 to 1897 as the 24th US President.


List of 44 Presidents
This helpful list and table of 44 Presidents is a great resource for facts, dates and information and can be used at a glance when completing school or college projects and homework. The list of 44 Presidents are presented in date order. The list of 44 Presidents contain the numbers of their presidencies, dates of their terms in office, age when inaugurated, their dates of birth, dates of death and their political parties and affiliations. We have also included pictures of all the 44 Presidents with links to short biographies. The list of 44 Presidents are as follows:

44 Presidents List


NamesDates of Term(s)Age at Inaug.Birth DatesDates of DeathPolitical Parties
1stGeorge Washington(1789-1793) & (1793-1797)57February 22, 1732December 14, 1799Independent
2ndJohn Adams(1797-1801) 61October 30, 1735July 4, 1826Federalist
3rdThomas Jefferson(1801-1805) & (1805-1809) 57April 13, 1743July 4, 1826Democratic-Republican
4thJames Madison(1809-1813) & (1813-1817) 57March 16, 1751June 28, 1836Democratic-Republican
5thJames Monroe(1817-1821) & (1821-1825) 58April 28, 1758July 4, 1831Democratic-Republican
6thJohn Quincy Adams(1825-1829) 57July 11, 1767February 23, 1848Democratic-Republican
7thAndrew Jackson(1829-1833) & (1833-1837)61March 15, 1767June 8, 1845Democratic
8thMartin Van Buren(1837-1841)54December 5, 1782July 24, 1862Democratic
9thWilliam Harrison(1841)68February 9, 1773April 4, 1841Whig
10thJohn Tyler(1841-184551March 29, 1790January 18, 1862Whig
11thJames Knox Polk(1845-1849)49November 24, 1784June 15, 1849Democratic
12thZachary Taylor(1849-1850)64November 24, 1784July 9, 1850Whig
13thMillard Fillmore(1850-1853)50January 7, 1800March 8, 1874Whig
14thFranklin Pierce(1853-1857)48November 23, 1804October 8, 1869Democratic
15thJames Buchanan(1857-1861) 65April 23, 1791June 1, 1868Democratic
16thAbraham Lincoln(1861-1865) & (1865) 52February 12, 1809April 15, 1865Republican / National Union
17thAndrew Johnson(1865-1869)56December 29, 1808July 31, 1875Republican / National Union
18thUlysses Grant(1869-1873) & (1873-1877) 46April 27, 1822July 23, 1885Republican
19thRutherford Hayes(1877-1881)54October 4, 1822January 17, 1893Republican
20thJames Garfield(1881)49November 19, 1831September 19, 1881Republican
21stChester Arthur(1881-1885)50October 5, 1829November 18, 1886Republican
22ndGrover Cleveland(1885-1889) 47March 18, 1837June 24, 1908Democratic
23rdBenjamin Harrison(1889-1893)55August 20, 1833March 13, 1901Republican
24thGrover Cleveland(1893-1897)55March 18, 1837June 24, 1908Democratic
25thWilliam McKinley(1897-1901) & (1901)54January 29, 1843September 14, 1901Republican
26thTheodore Roosevelt(1901-1905) & (1905-1909)42October 27, 1858January 6, 1919Republican
27thWilliam Taft(1909-1913)51September 15, 1857March 8, 1930Republican
28thWoodrow Wilson(1913-1917) & (1917-1921)60December 28, 1856February 3, 1924Democratic
29thWarren Harding(1921-1923)55November 2, 1865August 2, 1923Republican
30thCalvin Coolidge(1923-1925) & (1925-1929)51July 4, 1872January 5, 1933Republican
31stHerbert Hoover(1929-1933)54August 10, 1874October 20, 1964Republican
32ndFranklin Roosevelt(1933-1937) & (1937-1941) & (1941-1945) & (1945) 51January 30, 1882April 12, 1945Democratic
33rdHarry Truman(1945-1949) & (1949-1953)60May 8, 1884December 26, 1972Democratic
34thDwight Eisenhower(1953-1957) & (1957-1961)62October 14, 1890March 28, 1969Republican
35thJohn Kennedy(1961-1963)43May 29, 1917November 22, 1963Democratic
36thLyndon Johnson(1963-1965) & (1965-1969)55August 27, 1908January 22, 1973Democratic
37thRichard Nixon(1969-1974)56January 9, 1913April 22, 1994Republican
38thGerald Ford(1974-1977)61July 14, 1913December 26, 2006Republican
39thJimmy Carter(1977-1981)52October 1, 1924 Democratic
40thRonald Reagan(1981-1985) & (1985-1989)69February 6, 1911June 5, 2004Republican
41stGeorge H Bush(1989-1993)64June 12, 1924 Republican
42ndBill Clinton(1993-2001)46August 19, 1946 Democratic
43rdGeorge W Bush(2001-2005) & (2005-2009)54July 6, 1946 Republican
44thBarack Obama(2009-2013) & (2013-2017)47August 4, 1961 Democratic


NamesDates of Term(s)Age at Inaug.Birth DatesDates of DeathPolitical Parties
44 Presidents List

List of 44 Presidents
The above list of 44 Presidents contain the names, numbers, terms in office, their ages when inaugurated, dates of  birth, dates of death and their political parties. The next section includes pictures of all the 44 Presidents and their numbers.


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Pictures and Biographies of the 44 Presidents
The above list of US President dates

Pictures and Biographies of the 44 Presidents
(Click on a Picture for Short Biographies of the 44 Presidents)
George WashingtonJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonJames MadisonJames MonroeJohn Quincy AdamsAndrew JacksonMartin Van BurenWilliam HarrisonJohn Tyler
1. Washington2. Adams3. Jefferson4. Madison5. Monroe6. Quincy Adams7. Jackson8. Van Buren9. Harrison10. Tyler
James Knox PolkZachary TaylorMillard FillmoreFranklin PierceJames BuchananAbraham LincolnAndrew JohnsonRutherford HayesJames Garfield
11. Polk12. Taylor13. Fillmore14. Pierce15. Buchanan16. Lincoln17. Johnson18. Grant19. Hayes20. Garfield
Chester ArthurGrover ClevelandBenjamin HarrisonGrover ClevelandWilliam McKinleyTheodore RooseveltWilliam TaftWoodrow WilsonWarren HardingCalvin Coolidge
21. Arthur22. Cleveland23. Harrison24. Cleveland25. McKinley26. T. Roosevelt27. Taft28. Wilson29. Harding30. Coolidge
Herbert HooverFranklin D RooseveltHarry S TrumanDwight Eisenhower John F KennedyLyndon JohnsonRichard NixonGerald FordJimmy CarterRonald Reagan
31. Hoover32. FDR33. Truman34. Eisenhower35. JFK36. Johnson37. Nixon38. Ford39. Carter40.Reagan
George H BushBill ClintonGeorge W BushBarack Obama

The 44 Presidents
The 44 President of the United States of America helped to shape the country and to create the 'Land of the Free'. Click on one of the pictures of the 44 Presidents for short biographies providing interesting facts, dates and important information about their lives, their families and their presidencies.

41. GH Bush42. Clinton43. GW Bush44. Obama
Pictures and Biographies of the 44 Presidents
(Click a Picture for Biographies of the 44 Presidents)

44 Presidents: Video of the US Presidents
The 44 Presidents list provides a fast overview of the key facts and 44 Presidents. The following US Presidents video enables you to sit back and listen to the history of the personal and political lives of all the US Presidents - a useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the 44 Presidents. Facts and info about 44 Presidents.




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