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Democratic Presidents
This article provides details of the Democratic Presidents together with interesting facts and dates of their terms in office together with their pictures and age at inauguration. There have been fifteen Democratic Presidents to date. The list of Democratic Presidents begins with Andrew Jackson who was the first Democratic President who was elected by the Democratic Party in 1829. The latest Democratic President is Barack Obama.

Democratic Presidents History: The First Democrats
The first national Democratic Party Convention was held in 1832 at Baltimore, Maryland. The initial base of the Democratic political party was in the east where it concentrated on business interests and farmers and plantations owners of the south. The official platform and ideology of the early Democratic Party was anti-aristocracy and in the south the Democrats adopted a strong pro-slavery policy and sought to extend slavery into the West, although the Northern Democrats resisted this strong stance but many tolerated the slave system. 


Democratic Presidents: Role of Political Parties
The US Political parties were formed by groups of people who shared the same ideas, beliefs and views about the way the United States should be governed. Members of Political parties, such as the Democratic Party and Democratic Presidents, work to influence government policies and to introduce new laws to the Constitution and to make amendments to existing laws. For additional facts refer to US Presidents and Political Parties.

Democratic Presidents: History of Early Causes
The early causes of the Democratic Presidents and their political party adhered to a socially liberal and progressive platform. They adhered to strong anti-aristocracy sentiments
, advocated states rights and the strict interpretation of the Constitution.. They fought for the farmers and plantations and the general working class, as opposed to the elite. The Southern Democrats advocated a strong pro-slavery policy and sought to extend slavery into the new territories in the West. The early Democrats held the beliefs of the Young America Movement or "Young America" and the ideals of the "Manifest Destiny".

Democratic Presidents: The Party Split over the Issue of Slavery
The Democratic Party split in 1860 over the issue of slavery. The split resulted in the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. The
American Civil war (1861-1865) erupted. Bitterness followed the Civil War and Republican measures made during the Reconstruction period and the Southern States turned solidly to the Democratic Party.

Modern Democratic Presidents: Democratic versus Democratic
The views and beliefs of the later Democratic Presidents endorsed more liberal policies, as opposed to the American conservatism of the Republican Party. American conservatism is defined as a belief in traditional values with a centralized government protecting its citizensí lives, liberty and property.
Republican Presidents strive to further the belief that individuals, not government, can make the best decisions. The liberal policies of the Democratic Party adher to a socially liberal and progressive platform, opposing government spending, especially in the form of corporate charters for banks and other financial enterprises.

List of Democratic Presidents
This helpful list of Democratic Presidents is a great resource of interesting facts and important information that can be used as a fast reference guide when completing school or college projects and homework. The list of Democratic Presidents are presented in date order according to the order of presidencies. The list of Democratic Presidents are as follows:

Democratic Presidents: List of Democratic Presidents with dates
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Pictures of PresidentsNames of Presidents
in order
Dates of Terms in Office in chronological orderDates took OfficeAge
 at Inaug.
Dates left Office
7thAndrew JacksonAndrew Jackson(1829-1833) & (1833-1837)March 4, 182961March 4, 1837
8thMartin Van BurenMartin Van Buren(1837-1841)March 4, 183754March 4, 1841
11thJames Knox PolkJames Knox Polk(1845-1849)March 4, 184549March 4, 1849
14thFranklin PierceFranklin Pierce(1853-1857)Mar. 4, 185348March 4, 1857
15thJames BuchananJames Buchanan(1857-1861) Mar. 4, 185765March 4, 1861
17thAndrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson(1865-1869)April 15, 186556March 4, 1869
22nd & 24thGrover ClevelandGrover Cleveland(1885-1889)
Mar. 4, 1885
Mar. 4, 1893
March 4, 1889
March 4, 1897
28thWoodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson(1913-1917) & (1917-1921)Mar. 4, 191360March 4, 1921
32ndFranklin D RooseveltFranklin Roosevelt(1933-1937) & (1937-1941) & (1941-1945) & (1945) Mar. 4, 193351April 12, 1945
33rdHarry S TrumanHarry Truman(1945-1949) & (1949-1953)April 12, 194560January 20, 1953
35thJohn F KennedyJohn Kennedy(1961-1963)Jan. 20, 196143Nov. 22, 1963
36thLyndon JohnsonLyndon Johnson(1963-1965) & (1965-1969)Nov. 22, 196355January 20, 1969
39thJimmy CarterJimmy Carter(1977-1981)Jan. 20, 197752January 20, 1981
42ndBill ClintonBill Clinton(1993-2001)Jan. 20, 199346January 20, 2001
44thBarack ObamaBarack Obama(2009-2013) & (2013-2017)Jan. 20, 200947 


Pictures of PresidentsNames of Presidents
in order
Dates of Terms in Office in chronological orderDates took OfficeAge at Inaug.Dates left Office
Democratic Presidents: List of Democratic Presidents with dates

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Democratic Presidents: Nickname & Symbols of the Democratic Party
The color blue is associated with the Democrats and the traditional mascot of the party is the donkey.

Facts about Democratic Presidents
The following fact file contains important facts and information about the Democratic Presidents.


Facts about Democratic Presidents

Democratic Presidents Fact 1:There have been fifteen Democratic Presidents. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms in office as the 22nd and 24th President
Democratic Presidents Fact 2:Republican (National Union) President Lincoln was assassinated and died April 15, 1865, about a month after beginning his second term as president. He was succeeded by Democrat (National Union) Andrew Johnson, who served the remainder of the term.
Democratic Presidents Fact 3:Franklin Roosevelt died about three months into his fourth term as president, and was succeeded by Harry S. Truman who served the remainder of the term and was elected president in 1948.
Democratic Presidents Fact 4:President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, just under three years into the term, and was succeeded by Lyndon B. Johnson who served the remainder of the term and was elected president in 1964.

Facts about Democratic Presidents


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Democratic Presidents: Video of the US Presidents
The Democratic Presidents list provides a fast overview of the key facts about the US Presidencies. The following US Presidents video enables you to sit back and listen to the history of the personal and political lives of all the US Presidents - a useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the Democratic Presidents. Facts and info about Democrats.




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