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The Firstladies - Facts and Nicknames
This article provides details of the 'Firstladies' of the Presidents of the United States of America. The position as one of the Firstladies is traditionally held by the by the wife, or a close relative, of the US President during his term of office. Many of the Firstladies were given nicknames by the press or pet names by their friends, family and the Presidents.

The Nicknames of the Firstladies
Firstladies are not elected, they do not receive a salary, neither is the role of the FirstLady addressed in the US Constitution. Their lives are highly public and all the US Firstladies have attracted much attention from the press and media. Some of the Firstladies have been given derogatory nicknames, others who were more popular were given complimentary nicknames or pet names. This article contains facts and information about the names, nicknames and pet names of the Firstladies. The nicknames provide a rare and fascinating insight into what the general public thought of the Firstladies. The reasons for the nicknames are detailed in the biographies of all the US Firstladies.


The Nicknames, Pet Names and Names of all the Firstladies
This helpful list of all the names of the Firstladies are in order with dates and the names of Presidents and nicknames is a great resource of interesting facts and important information that can be used as a fast reference guide when completing school or college projects and homework. The list of Firstladies are presented in date order according to the order of presidencies, the names of the President, the Firstladies relationships to the Presidents, their nicknames and the date the Firstladies entered the White House. The list of Firstladies are as follows:

The Firstladies: List of Firstladies in date order with Nicknames


Names of Presidents
in order
Names of FirstladiesNicknames of FirstladiesRelationship
to President
Date entered
White House
1stGeorge WashingtonMartha WashingtonLady WashingtonWifeApril 30, 1789
2ndJohn AdamsAbigail AdamsPortia & Mrs. PresidentWifeMarch 4, 1797
3rdThomas JeffersonMartha Jefferson RandolphPatsy - Daughter of MontecelloDaughterMarch 4, 1801
4thJames MadisonDolley MadisonThe Queen MotherWifeMarch 4, 1809
5thJames MonroeElizabeth MonroeLa Belle AmericaineWifeMarch 4, 1817
6thJohn Quincy AdamsLouisa AdamsNo NicknameWifeMarch 4, 1825
7thAndrew JacksonEmily DonelsonNo NicknameNieceMarch 4, 1829
 Andrew JacksonSarah Yorke JacksonNo NicknameDaughter-in-lawNovember 26, 1834
8thMartin Van BurenAngelica Van BurenNo NicknameDaughter-in-lawMarch 4, 1841
9thWilliam HarrisonAnna HarrisonNo NicknameWifeMarch 4, 1841
10thJohn TylerLetitia TylerNo NicknameWifeApril 4, 1841
 John TylerPriscilla TylerNo NicknameDaughter-in-lawSeptember 10, 1842
 John TylerJulia TylerMrs. PresidentressWifeJune 26, 1844
11thJames Knox PolkSarah PolkSahara SarahWifeMarch 4, 1845
12thZachary TaylorMargaret TaylorMiss BettyWifeMarch 4, 1849
13thMillard FillmoreAbigail FillmoreAbbyWifeJuly 9, 1850
14thFranklin PierceJane PierceShadow of the White HouseWifeMarch 4, 1853
15thJames BuchananHarriet LaneThe Democratic QueenNieceMarch 4, 1861
16thAbraham LincolnMary LincolnMollyWifeMarch 4, 1861
17thAndrew JohnsonEliza JohnsonLizWifeApril 15, 1865
18thUlysses GrantJulia GrantNo NicknameWifeMarch 4, 1869
19thRutherford HayesLucy Webb HayesLemonade LucyWifeMarch 4, 1877
20thJames GarfieldLucretia GarfieldCreteWifeMarch 4, 1881
21stChester ArthurMary McElroyNo NicknameSisterSeptember 19, 1881
22ndGrover ClevelandRose ClevelandJohnny ClevelandSisterMarch 4, 1893
 Grover ClevelandFrances ClevelandFrankieWifeJune 2, 1886
23rdBenjamin HarrisonCaroline HarrisonCarrieWifeMarch 4, 1889
 Benjamin HarrisonMary McKeeMarnieDaughterOctober 25, 1892
24thGrover ClevelandFrances ClevelandFrankieWifeMarch 4, 1893
25thWilliam McKinleyIda McKinleyPinaWifeMarch 4, 1897
26thTheodore RooseveltEdith Kermit RooseveltNo NicknameWifeSeptember 14, 1901
27thWilliam TaftHelen TaftNervous NellieWifeMarch 4, 1909
28thWoodrow WilsonEllen WilsonThe Angel in the White HouseWifeMarch 4, 1913
 Woodrow WilsonMargaret Woodrow WilsonNisthaDaughterAugust 6, 1914
 Woodrow WilsonEdith WilsonMrs. PresidentWifeDecember 18, 1915
29thWarren HardingFlorence HardingThe DuchessWifeMarch 4, 1921
30thCalvin CoolidgeGrace CoolidgeSunshineWifeAugust 2, 1923
31stHerbert HooverLou HooverNo NicknameWifeMarch 4, 1929
32ndFranklin RooseveltEleanor RooseveltLady BountifulWifeMarch 4, 1933
33rdHarry TrumanBess TrumanBessWifeApril 12, 1945
34thDwight EisenhowerMamie EisenhowerMamieWifeJanuary 20, 1953
35thJohn KennedyJackie KennedyJackieWifeJanuary 20, 1961
36thLyndon JohnsonLady Bird JohnsonLady BirdWifeNovember 22, 1963
37thRichard NixonPat NixonPlastic PatWifeJanuary 20, 1969
38thGerald FordBetty FordBettyWifeAugust 9, 1974
39thJimmy CarterRosalynn CarterThe Steel MagnoliaWifeJanuary 20, 1977
40thRonald ReaganNancy ReaganEvita of Santa BarbaraWifeJanuary 20, 1981
41stGeorge H BushBarbara BushThe EnforcerWifeJanuary 20, 1989
42ndBill ClintonHillary ClintonMrs. CarpetbaggerWifeJanuary 20, 1993
43rdGeorge W BushLaura BushBushieWifeJanuary 20, 2001
44thBarack ObamaMichelle ObamaThe CloserWifeJanuary 20, 2009


Names of Presidents
in order
Names of FirstladiesNicknames of FirstladiesRelationship
to President
Date entered
White House
The Firstladies: List of Firstladies in date order with Nicknames

List of the Firstladies and their Nicknames
The above list of the Firstladies provide facts and dates including the names of the Presidents, the Firstladies relationships, nicknames and the dates the Firstladies entered the White House. Fast, interesting facts about the Firstladies and their nicknames.


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Trivia and Facts about Firstladies and their Nicknames
The following fact file contains important facts, trivia and information about the nicknames of the Firstladies of the United States of America.


Trivia and Facts about the Firstladies and their Nicknames

Firstladies Fact 1:Dolley Madison was given the nickname "The Queen Mother" when it became a traditional for all new Presidents to ask for her blessing before taking office
Firstladies Fact 2:Elizabeth Monroe was given the nickname "La Belle Americaine" because the French admired her for her actions that helped to save Adrienne de La Fayette from the guillotine during the French Revolution
Firstladies Fact 3:Julia Tyler was given the complimentary nickname "Mrs. Presidentress" by the press and the general public who admired her beauty and fashionable clothes
Firstladies Fact 4:Sarah Polk was given the nickname "Sahara Sarah" because she disapproved of alcohol and receptions at the White House were known for being "As dry as the Sahara desert"
Firstladies Fact 5:Lucy Hayes was given the nickname "Lemonade Lucy" because supported the temperance movement and did not serve alcohol at the White House
Firstladies Fact 6:Ellen Wilson was given the nickname "Angel in the White House" because of her gentle manner
Firstladies Fact 7:Edith Wilson was given the nickname "Mrs. President" because following her husband's stroke she welded great power in what became known as "Petticoat Government."
Firstladies Fact 8:Florence Harding was given the nickname "The Duchess" because of her significant influence she had over her husband and her power in the White House
Firstladies Fact 9:Rosalynn Carter was given the nickname "The Steel Magnolia" because she was as delicate as a magnolia, but was as tough as steel.
Firstladies Fact 10:Nancy Reagan was given the nickname "Evita of Santa Barbara" comparing her taste in expensive designer clothes with that of Eva Peron

Trivia and Facts about the Firstladies and their Nicknames


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Firstladies: Video of all the US Presidents
The Facts about the Firstladies provide a fast overview of the key facts and nicknames of the Firstladies. The following video enables you to sit back and listen to the history of the personal and political life of the US Presidents, the famous men they supported. A useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the life and family of the Firstladies and the US Presidents.




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