Picture of President William Taft


Picture of President William Taft

Personality and Picture of William Taft
William Taft was the twenty-seventh President of the United States whose term in office spanned from 1909-1913. His most famous nickname was "The Big Lub". William Taft was 51 years old at the start of his presidency which began on March 4, 1909. The personality traits of William Taft are described as extrovert, friendly, genial and confident.

Picture of William Taft
This great large picture of William Taft is one of a collection of images of all the US Presidents. This picture of William Taft, a famous leader of the Republican Party
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Physical Description of William Taft: Height, Weight, Color of Eyes and Hair
Our large picture of President William Taft provides and enhanced image of his features. His height, weight, height and the color of his hair and eyes are as follows:

Description of President William Taft

Height of President:6 feet
Weight of President:316 pounds
Color of Eyes:Blue
Color of Hair:Brown, turning gray with age

Picture of William Taft
The events during the presidency of William Taft is vitally important to the history of the US and to the world. We found that the images of William Taft, and of all the other US Presidents, were in all different formats and designs. We therefore commissioned a highly talented artist to produce a unique drawing of President William Taft, and drawings of all the other US Presidents, in a consistent format to do justice to the lives of these important men. We hope you enjoy our picture of William Taft and our unusual collection of images of American Presidents.

Picture of William Taft

William Taft


Presidential Seal


Picture and Video of President William Taft
Watch the video of William Taft for a fast overview of important facts and events about his life and the accomplishments. The following William Taft video enables you to sit back and listen to the history of his personal and political life - a useful educational resource for kids, children and schools learning about the life of President William Taft.




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