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James Monroe

James Monroe Quotes: The Man behind the Words
The selection of short James Monroe Quotes reflect the personality of the man behind the words. The famous nickname of James Monroe was the Era of Good Feelings President in reference to the period following the War of 1812. The character and personality of this famous President is described as being a charming, sensitive man with gracious manners and a warm personality.

"The best form of government is that which is most likely to prevent the
greatest sum of evil."

James Monroe Quotes
James Monroe was the 5th President of the United States of America who served in office from March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825. Learn about the man, his leadership and his presidency from his famous quotes. The list of James Monroe Quotes provides a unique insight of his personality and his presidency.

Famous James Monroe Quotes
The selection of short James Monroe Quotes starts with the following famous quote by the president.

"Let us by wise and constitutional measures promote intelligence among the people as the best means of preserving our liberties."

James Monroe Quotes
The following quote file format provides a fast overview of short, famous James Monroe quotes and sayings of this famous President of the United States. James Monroe quotes and quotations that reflect the views, thoughts and character of this famous US President.

James Monroe Quotes
Quote 1:
"National honor is the national property of the highest value."

Quote 2:
"Our country may be likened to a new house. We lack many things, but we possess the most precious of all - liberty!"

Quote 3:
"The right of self defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and to individuals, and whether the attack be made by Spain herself or by those who abuse her power, its obligation is not the less strong."

Quote 4:
"I have great satisfaction in stating that our relations with France, Russia, and other powers continue on the most friendly basis."

Quote 5:
"Our relations with the other powers of Europe have experienced no essential change since the last session."

Quote 6:
"Preparation for war is a constant stimulus to suspicion and ill will."

Quote 7:
"Never did a government commence under auspices so favorable, nor ever was success so complete."

Quote 8:
"If we look to the history of other nations, ancient or modern, we find no example of a growth so rapid, so gigantic, of a people so prosperous and happy."

Quote 9:
"At no period of our political existence had we so much cause to felicitate ourselves at the prosperous and happy condition of our country."

Quote 10:
"To impose taxes when the public exigencies require them is an obligation of the most sacred character, especially with a free people."

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James Monroe Quotes
The James Monroe Quotes and short, famous sayings provides interesting information about the 5th President of the United States.


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The James Monroe Quotes provides a a fascinating insight into the character of the President and the important issues during his presidential term in office. The following James Monroe video will give you additional important facts and dates about both the personal life and political life of the 5th President of the United States whose presidency spanned from March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825.




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