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Summary of Anna Harrison - First Lady of America
Our summary and fast facts about Anna Harrison provides an interesting and easy way to learn about the life of the First Lady of President William Harrison, the 9th US President. Anna Harrison supported her hero husband "Old Tippecanoe" throughout his political career and had raised their nine surviving children. Much to Anna's dismay their retirement ended when her 68 year old husband was elected President. She never entered the White House because her husband died in office just 32 days following his inauguration. She lived the rest of her life with her son helping to raise her grandson Benjamin Harrison who was destined to become the 23rd President of the United States.

Facts about Anna Harrison - First Lady
Anna Harrison undertook the role of First Lady to William Harrison, the 9th President of the United States who served in office from March 4, 1841 to April 4, 1841.  The Facts about Anna Harrison covers important information, dates and interesting facts about her birth, her early life, her family, her personality with a biography and the accomplishments of Anna Harrison as the First Lady of the United States of America.

Facts about Anna Harrison: Fact Sheet of Anna Harrison
Facts and Info: This fast fact sheet provides important information about Anna Harrison, First Lady of the United States of America.

Anna Harrison Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President William Harrison
Relationship to President William Harrison: Wife
Date Anna Harrison made First Lady: March 4, 1841
Term of Presidency: 32 days (1841)
When and where was Anna Harrison born?  

Picture of Anna Harrison

Picture of Anna Harrison

 She was born on July 25, 1775 in Flatbrook, New Jersey
What was the name of her father and mother?
 The name of her parents: Judge John Cleves Symmes & Anna Tuthill Symmes
What was her relationship to President William Harrison?
 Anna was his wife
When did she marry?
 November 25, 1795 to William Henry Harrison
What are the names of her children?
 The names of her children were Elizabeth Bassett (1796 – 1846), John Cleves Symmes (1798 – 1830), Lucy Singleton (1800 – 1826), William Henry (1802 – 1838), John Scott (1804 – 1878), Benjamin (1806 – 1840), Mary Symmes (1809 – 1842), Carter Bassett (1811 – 1839), Anna Tuthill (1813 – 1845), James Findlay (1814 – 1817)
When and where did Anna Harrison die?
 Anna died on February 25, 1864 in North Bend, Ohio
Anna Harrison Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President William Harrison

Facts about Anna Harrison: Fast Overview of Events in the White House
Facts and Info: Anna Harrison assumed the position of First Lady to President William Harrison
but he died in office after serving just for 32 days on April 4, 1841. The President took up residence in the White House but his wife Anna never did as she was unable to travel due to illness.

Personality and Character: Anna Harrison Quotes
Facts and Info: An insight into the personal views, character and personality of this First Lady may be obtained from the following Anna Harrison quote which was made following her husband's election:

"I wish that my husband’s friends had left him where he is, happy and contented in retirement."

Facts about Anna Harrison: First Events
Facts and Info: She was the 1st First Lady to be
both the wife and grandmother of presidents. She was also the 1st first lady to receive a formal education. Anna Harrison was the first presidential wife widowed whilst her husband was in office.

Facts about Anna Harrison: The Life of Anna Harrison
Facts and Info:
Anna was the daughter of Judge John Cleves Symmes, a former representative to the Congress of the Confederation. had Anna married William Harrison on November 25, 1795 and they had ten children, nine of whom lived into adulthood. Her husband enjoyed a political career which included serving as served as the governor of Indiana Territory (1800-1812). Most of Anna's life was spent raising her large family in North Bend, Ohio. Her husband retired and the 65 year old Anna was horrified when he was pulled out of retirement and at 68 years old was elected as the 9th president of the United States. Anna was too ill to join her husband for his inauguration as President on 4 March 1841). Her widowed daughter-in-law, Jane Irwin Harrison, was sent to temporary perform the duties of first lady in her place. Anna planned to join her husband in Washington in April. However, the plan never came to pass, her husband died in office before she left Ohio. President William Harrison died after only 32 days in office. He had given his inaugural address in freezing snow without adequate clothing which led to his death from pleurisy & pneumonia. The President's body was returned to her and his funeral took place in Wesley Chapel in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 7, 1841. Following the death of her husband, she lived in North Bend with one of her sons, John Scott Harrison and helped to raise his children. One of the grandchildren was Benjamin Harrison who became President of the United States. Anna Harrison  died at the age of 88 on February 25, 1864 at home in North Bend, Ohio.


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