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Summary of Edith Galt Wilson - First Lady of America
Our summary and fast facts about Edith Wilson provides an interesting and easy way to learn about the life of the First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson.
President Wilson had three first ladies, his first wife Ellen, his daughter Margaret and his second wife - Edith Wilson. Edith was a wealthy widow who mixed with the cream of society in Washington. Edith was intelligent, sophisticated and possessed great poise. She was initially interested in politics but after Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke she became highly influential in what was termed the "Petticoat Government' controlling the visitors and documents sent to her husband.

Facts about Edith Wilson - First Lady "Mrs President"
Edith Wilson undertook the role of First Lady to Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States who served in office from March 4, 1913 to March 4, 1921.  What was the life of Edith Wilson like? The Facts about Edith Wilson covers important information, dates and interesting facts about her birth, her early life, her family, her personality with a biography and the accomplishments of Edith Wilson as the First Lady of the United States of America.

Facts about Edith Wilson: Fact Sheet of Edith Wilson
Facts and Info: There are no official requirements of a First Lady and no guidelines in the Constitution. This fast fact sheet provides important information about Edith Wilson, First Lady of the United States of America.

Edith Galt Wilson Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson
Relationship to President Woodrow Wilson: Wife
Date Edith Wilson entered White House as First Lady: December 18, 1915
Term of Presidency: 1913-1921
When and where was Edith Wilson born?  

Picture of Edith Wilson

Picture of Edith Wilson

 She was born on October 15, 1872 in Wytheville, Virginia
What was the name of her father and mother?
 The name of her parents: William Holcombe Bolling & Sallie White Bolling. She was educated at Martha Washington College in Abingdon, Virginia
What was her relationship to President Woodrow Wilson?
 Edith Wilson was his second wife
When did she marry?
 She married the president during his first term in office on December 18, 1915 following the death of his first wife Ellen. Margaret Woodrow Wilson, served as First Lady until her father married Edith. Her first marriage was to Norman Galt in 1896 but she was widowed in 1908.
What are the names of her children?
 Edith Wilson had no children in either marriage
When and where did Edith Wilson die?
 Edith Wilson died on December 28, 1961 in Washington, D.C.
Edith Wilson Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson

Facts about Edith Wilson: Fast Overview of Events in the White House
Facts and Info: Edith Wilson assumed the position of First Lady to President Woodrow Wilson. She witnessed the important events of his presidency that included
the country's entry into World War 1 in 1917 sparked by the sinking of the Lusitania cruise ship, which was sunk by a German U-Boat. Her husband also drafted the peace plan at the end of WW1.

Personality and Character: Edith Wilson Quotes
Facts and Info: An insight into the personal views, character and personality of this First Lady may be obtained from the following Edith Wilson quotes
. The first quote relates to the chaotic period of WW1:

"People descended upon the White House until their coming and going was like the rise and fall of the tides. To achieve anything amidst such distractions called for the most rigid rationing of time."

The following quote is interesting as it illustrates her role in the presidency after husband had a stroke in office:

"I studied every paper, sent from different Secretaries or Senators, and tried to digest and present in tabloid form the things that, despite my vigilance, had to go to the President. I, myself, never made a single decision regarding the disposition of public affairs.
The only decision that was mine was what was important and what was not,
 and the very important decision of when to present matters to my husband."

Facts about Edith Wilson: Her Nickname "Mrs President" or "The Secret President"
Facts and Info: This First Lady, Edith White Bolling Galt Wilson was known as
"Mrs. President" or "The Secret President". She was given these nicknames after her husband had a stroke she became powerful in her own right, was active in affairs of state and helped to run the "Petticoat Government."

Facts about Edith Wilson: First Events
Facts and Info: She was the 1st First Lady to
receive permanent Secret Service protection when Congress authorized permanent protection of the president's immediate family in 1917.

Facts about the Causes and Accomplishments of Edith Wilson
Facts and Info: First Ladies are not elected so have no official role. Their accomplishments are therefore based on their own particular wishes that ranged from political interests, humanitarian and charitable causes or duties relating to their family or social responsibilities. The causes and accomplishments of Edith Wilson were demonstrated in her support of War-related charities.

Facts about Edith Wilson: The Early Life of Edith Wilson
Facts and Info: Edith Wilson
was born on on October 15, 1872 in Wytheville, Virginia. Her parents were William Holcombe Bolling & Sallie White Bolling. Her wealthy father was a wealthy circuit court judge. Edith enjoyed a privileged upbringing and was extremely well educated at boarding schools and the Martha Washington College in Abingdon, Virginia. She grew into a woman of poise, sophistication and elegance. The Bolling family were proud of their family heritage and particularly of their descent from Pocahontas. Edith married Norman Galt, the wealthy owner of a jewelry store, in 1896. Edith suffered a miscarriage early in her marriage and would never have children. The couple travelled to Europe and Edith lived a life of luxury, wearing the finest of clothes. She became a member of Washington society and was famous for driving an expensive, luxury car that was filled with fresh orchids - Edith was the first woman in Washington to obtain a driver's licence. Her husband, Norman Galt, died of liver failure in 1908. Edith was left a wealthy, sophisticated, glamorous widow, a pillar of Washington society. She met the widower President Woodrow Wilson on a visit to the White House in March of 1915 - it was said to be love at first sight.

Facts about Edith Wilson: Life at the White House
Facts and Info:
President Woodrow Wilson assumed the presidency on March 4, 1913. Ellen Wilson, his first wife, had died during her husband’s presidency on August 6, 1914 in Washington, D.C. Their daughter, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, served as First Lady after the death of her mother. Edith married the president during his first term in office on December 18, 1915 and she took over the role of First Lady. Edith Wilson was a socialite with a lively, pleasant personality which served her well in undertaking her social duties in the White House. It was a difficult time as Europe became embroiled in WW1 (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918). On May 7, 1915 the Lusitania, a cruise ship, which had many American passengers aboard, was sunk by a German U-Boat. The USA declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. Her husband had the difficult task of leading the nation during this difficult time. Edith was not particularly interested in politics but that all changed in 1919 when her husband suffered a stroke. Edith was determined to support and protect her husband and helped to keep his condition a secret. She only allowed trusted people to meet the President and ensured he was only given important government documents. Critics of Woodrow Wilson referred to his administration at this time as the "Petticoat Government" because of the highly influential position of Edith Wilson. Her husband's health improved slightly and he completed his term in office which ended on March 4, 1921. Former President Woodrow Wilson died on February 3, 1924. Edith Wilson went on to write a book about her experiences as First Lady which was called "My Memoir". Edith Wilson died in Washington, D.C., on December 28, 1961, she was 89 years old. Edith Wilson is buried next to President Woodrow Wilson on the grounds of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.


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