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Summary of Florence Harding - First Lady of America
Our summary and fast facts about Florence Harding provides an interesting and easy way to learn about the life of the First Lady of President Warren Harding. Florence Harding was intelligent, strong minded and highly ambitious. Despite his extra-marital affairs and their unhappy marriage, Florence Harding sharing the ambition of her husband, and helped him to become President. She understood the power of the press and invited glamorous movie stars to receptions at the White House. President Warren Harding died in mysterious circumstances
, there was a cover-up and rumors circulated that Florence Harding had poisoned her husband to save him from scandal and corruption charges.

Facts about Florence Harding - First Lady, "The Duchess"
Florence Harding undertook the role of First Lady to Warren Harding, the 29th President of the United States who served in office from March 4, 1921 to August 2, 1923.  What was the life of Florence Harding like? The Facts about Florence Harding covers important information, dates and interesting facts about her birth, her early life, her family, her personality with a biography and the accomplishments of Florence Harding.

Facts about Florence Harding: Fact Sheet of Florence Harding
Facts and Info: This fast fact sheet provides important information about Florence Harding, First Lady of the United States of America.

Florence Harding Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Warren Harding
Relationship to President Warren Harding: Wife
Date entered White House as First Lady: March 4, 1921
Term of Presidency: 1921-1923
When and where was Florence Harding born?  

Picture of Florence Harding

Picture of Florence Harding

 She was born on August 15, 1860 in Marion, Ohio
What was the name of her father and mother?
 The name of her parents: Amos H. Kling & Louisa M. Bouton Kling. She was educated at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Occupation
What was her relationship to President Warren Harding?
 She was his wife
When did she marry?
 She married Warren Harding July 8, 1891. Her first marriage to Henry Atherton DeWolfe in 1880 ended in divorce in 1886
What are the names of her children?
 The name of her son by her first marriage was Marshall Eugene DeWolfe
When and where did Florence Harding die?
 She died on November 21, 1924 in Marion, Ohio
Florence Harding Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Warren Harding

Facts about Florence Harding: Fast Overview of Events in the White House
Facts and Info: Florence Harding assumed the position of First Lady as the wife of President Warren Harding. She witnessed the important events of his presidency that included his
opposition to entry into the League of Nations. He presidency was marred by various scandals. President Harding died in office, just as the massive corruption in the Teapot Dome scandal was about to become public.

Personality and Character: Florence Harding Quotes
Facts and Info: An insight into the personal views, character and personality of this First Lady may be obtained from the following Florence Harding quotes:

"I am content to bask in my husband’s limelight, but I cannot see why anyone should want to be president in the next four years. I can see but one word written over the head of my husband if he is elected and that word is ‘Tragedy.’"

"I know what’s best for the President, I put him in the White House."

"Well, Warren Harding, I have got you the presidency. What are you going to do with it?"

"He does well when he listens to me and poorly when he does not."

"I have only one real hobby - my husband."

Facts about Florence Harding: Her Nickname "The Duchess" or Pet Name "Flossie"
Facts and Info: This First Lady was known by the nickname of
"The Duchess" a term that means a woman that holds power in her own right, reflecting her power and influence over her husband in the White House. Her family or 'Pet Name' was Flossie.

Facts about Florence Harding: First Events
Facts and Info: She was the 1st First Lady to
to vote in Presidential Election on November 2, 1920. The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gave Women the Right to Vote had been ratified on August 18, 1920. She was also the first First Lady to entertain Hollywood celebrities in the White House, including guests such as the movie actress Lillian Gish, movie director D. W. Griffith and Al Jolson, the entertainer who made the first talking picture..

Facts about the Causes and Accomplishments of Florence Harding
Facts and Info: First Ladies are not elected so have no official role. Their accomplishments are therefore based on their own particular wishes that ranged from political interests, humanitarian and charitable causes or duties relating to their family or social responsibilities. The causes and accomplishments of Florence Harding were demonstrated in her support of womens rights and disabled veterans. Florence Harding was also a great lover of animals and a forceful advocate of humane treatment of animals and anti-vivisection of animals.

Facts about Florence Harding: The Early Life of Florence Harding
Facts and Info: Florence Harding
was born on on August 15, 1860 in Marion, Ohio. Her parents were Amos H. Kling & Louisa M. Bouton Kling. Her extremely wealthy father was a banker and Florence had a privileged upbringing. Florence received an excellent education and attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Occupation. She grew into a highly confident, intelligent and competent woman. She was rebellious, an extrovert and extremely outspoken and her forceful attributes and choice of friends often brought her into conflict with her strict father. She followed and dressed in the latest fashions and flash jewelry, a habit that would stay with her all her life. At the age of 19 she became involved in relationship with Henry Atherton DeWolfe and gave birth to a son named Marshall Eugene DeWolfe. She is believed to have married DeWolfe in 1880 and then divorced him in 1886. There are rumors that the couple never actually married. The relationship left her estranged from her family and although Florence returned to Marion her father refused to help her. Florence and her son lived with a friend. Florence met Warren Harding in 1884. His parents had purchased the local newspaper, the Marion Star, and set up home in the town. Florence gave Warren Harding piano lessons. Florence was five years older than Warren Harding and their relationship and subsequent marriage met with disapproval from both their families. Florence married Warren Harding July 8, 1891. Florence Harding worked on the newspaper and is credited with being responsible for its success due to her "energy and business sense". Warren Harding was a lawyer and had started his career in politics when he became involved in a scandalous affair with Carrie Phillips who was one of the best friends of Florence Harding. Warren Harding's affair with Carrie Phillips ended after he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1914. Warren and Florence Harding moved to Washington, D.C. Their marriage was not a happy one but the highly ambitious Florence Harding stayed with her husband. There were rumors that Warren Harding became involved in other affairs including one with Nan Britton, who later claimed that Warren Harding had fathered her child while he was a senator. The energetic, strong willed and determined Florence Harding remained an important influence on her husband's businesses and on his political career. Florence Harding worked hard during his election campaign and was popular with women voters.

Facts about Florence Harding: Life at the White House
Facts and Info: Warren Harding was elected President of the United States and at the age of 62 Florence Harding assumed the role as First Lady on
March 4, 1921. Florence Harding attracted considerable media attention due to her outspoken views and her own press conferences. She wore the latest bright colored fashions as worn by the 'flappers' of the day which brought disapproval from her critics. Florence Harding was an exciting First Lady who organized great social events at the White House. The guest list not only included the staid political figures of the day but also famous celebrities from the blossoming movie industry and entertainment. The White House guest list included famous movie stars of the era such as Mary Pickford and Lilian Gish. Florence Harding understood the importance of the media and the attraction and glamour and attention the celebrities would bring. It was the Jazz Age and the greatest entertainer of the day, Al Jolson, featured on the guest list. It was an era of loose morals and President Warren Harding was embroiled in numerous scandals during his presidency. Warren Harding was a weak, inept president and implicated in the Teapot Dome Bribery Scandal.

Facts about Florence Harding: Rumors that Florence Harding poisoned her husband
Facts and Info: The rumor persists that Florence Harding poisoned her husband
in order to save him from being engulfed in charges of corruption. President Warren Harding had a serious heart condition which was largely ignored and untreated by his doctors. Warren Harding had two doctors. Dr. Joel Boone was his trained physician and Dr. Charles Sawyer known as "Doc Sawyer" to the Harding family was a homeopathic doctor. Doc Sawyer took control of the president's health and, jealous of his influence, kept Dr. Joel Boone at a distance. Doc Sawyer used herbal preparations, purgatives and laxatives to treat President Warren Harding and his coronary disease went untreated. On a tour of Alaska President Harding contracted food poisoning  and Doc Sawyer treated him with heavy doses of purgatives to flush out the poisonous toxins in his system. On August 2, 1923, Dr. Joel Boone left the sickroom of the President in the Palace Hotel, Alaska and Doc Sawyer gave President Harding another powerful dose of purgatives. Florence Harding was present as Doc Sawyer gave him the treatment and the President died. There was a cover-up regarding his death, who was in the room and the exact time of death. Florence Harding refused to permit an autopsy. It is believed that the inept administration of purgatives led to cardiac arrest. Rumors later circulated that Florence Harding had poisoned her husband. After his death Florence Harding burned papers, letters and documents before leaving the White House, anxious to destroy any evidence of involvement in the Teapot Dome Bribery Scandal. Florence Harding.  She then returned to Marion and died of kidney disease on November 21, 1924. Florence Harding is buried next to President Warren Harding in Marion, Ohio.


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