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Summary of Frances Cleveland - First Lady of America
Our summary and fast facts about Frances Cleveland provides an interesting and easy way to learn about the life of the First Lady, the wife of President Grover Cleveland. Twenty-one year old Frances Cleveland married Grover Cleveland on
October 29, 1947 taking over from his sister Rose Cleveland during his first term as President. The beautiful, young and accomplished Frances Cleveland was immediately feted by the press and became one of the most of all the First Ladies.

Facts about Frances Cleveland - First Lady, "Frankie"
Frances Cleveland undertook the role of First Lady to Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States who served in office from March 4, 1885 to March 4, 1889 and from March 4, 1893 - March 4,1897.  What was the life of Frances Cleveland like? The Facts about Frances Cleveland covers important information, dates and interesting facts about her birth, her early life, her family, her personality with a biography and the accomplishments of Frances Cleveland.

Facts about Frances Cleveland: Fact Sheet of Frances Cleveland
Facts and Info: This fast fact sheet provides important information about Frances Cleveland, First Lady of the United States of America.

Frances Cleveland Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Grover Cleveland
Relationship to President Grover Cleveland: Wife
Date entered White House as First Lady: October 29, 1947
Term as 22nd President: 1885-1889, term as 24th President: 1893-1897
When and where was Frances Cleveland born?  

Picture of Frances Cleveland

Picture of Frances Cleveland

 She was born on July 21, 1864 in Folsomville, New York
What was the name of her father and mother?
 The name of her parents: Oscar Folsom & Emma Cornelia Harmon Folsom. She was well educated and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wells College in Aurora, New York
What was her relationship to President Grover Cleveland?
 Frances was his wife and assumed the role of First Lady for the President's two non-consecutive terms in office in March 4, 1885 – March 4, 1889 (first term) an March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897 (second term)
When did she marry?
 Frances married Grover on June 2, 1886 in the White House. She was widowed in 1908 and her second marriage was to Thomas Jex Preston Jr. in 1913
What are the names of her children?
 The names of her children were Ruth (1891 – 1904), Esther (1893 – 1980), Marion (1895 – 1977), Richard Folsom (1897 – 1974), Francis Grover (1903 – 1995)
When and where did Frances Cleveland die?
 Frances Cleveland died on October 29, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland
Frances Cleveland Fact Sheet - The First Lady of President Grover Cleveland

Facts about Frances Cleveland: Fast Overview of Events in the White House
Facts and Info: Frances Cleveland assumed the position of First Lady to President Grover Cleveland. She witnessed the important events of his first presidency that included
the presidential Succession Act and the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. Her husband's  second presidency included Chicago World's Fair. The Panic of 1893 resulted in a serious economic depression developed and her husband breaking the Pullman strike of 1894 and regulating the railroad industry.

Personality and Character: Frances Cleveland Quotes
Facts and Info: An insight into the personal views, character and personality of this First Lady may be obtained from the following Frances Cleveland quotes. The first quote relates to her prediction and assertion that her husband would become President again:

"I want you to take good care of all the furniture and ornaments in the house, and not let any of them get lost or broken, for I want to find everything just as it is now, when we come back again four years from today"

The following quote is interesting as it showed her naivety in dealing with the media and advertising

"These people sent me a box of their perfumes…for which I thanked them-and now they are advertising their face powder
as being used by me also. Can you have it taken out?"

Facts about Frances Cleveland: Her Nickname or Pet Name, "Frankie"
Facts and Info: The First Lady, Frances Cleveland, was known as "Frankie" an affectionate and familiar nickname given to her by the media. Frances disliked her nickname, in fact her actual first name was Frank, after an uncle!

Facts about Frances Cleveland: First Events
Facts and Info: Frances Cleveland was the 1st First Lady to
marry a serving president at the White House and the first first lady to give birth in the White House. Frances Cleveland was also the first widow of a President to remarry.

Facts about the Causes and Accomplishments of Frances Cleveland
Facts and Info: First Ladies are not elected so have no official role. Their accomplishments are therefore based on their own particular wishes that ranged from political interests, humanitarian and charitable causes or duties relating to their family or social responsibilities. The causes and accomplishments of Frances Cleveland were demonstrated in her support of the Women's Christian Temperance Union; African-American children's charities, the education and professional employment of women. She was also a patron of music and the arts.

Facts about Frances Cleveland: The Early Life of Frances Cleveland
Facts and Info:
Frances Folsom was born on July 21, 1864 in Folsomville New York. Frances was the only child of her parents Oscar Folsom & Emma Cornelia Harmon Folsom. She originally had the first name of Frank, as she was named for an uncle. She later decided to adopt the feminine variant Frances. Her father, Oscar Folsom, was a law partner of Grover Cleveland who was also a close family friend. Grover Cleveland bought baby "Frank" her first baby carriage. Oscar Folsom, died in a carriage accident on July 23, 1875, when Frances was 11 years old. Grover Cleveland was appointed administrator of the estate, he consoled the widow Emma, and he assumed the role of guardian to the young Frances. Frances was well educated and attended and graduated from Wells College. Grover Cleveland continued to guide and care for the Folsom family.

Facts about Frances Cleveland: Life at the White House
Bachelor, Grover Cleveland was elected the 22nd President of the United States and started his term in office on March 4, 1885. His sister, Rose Cleveland, reluctantly assumed the role as First Lady. Emma and her daughter Frances visited President Grover Cleveland at the White House and rumours circulated that he would propose to Emma. In 1885 Emma planned to take Frances on a year's trip to Europe, but before they left Grover Cleveland sent a proposal of marriage. The proposal was to 20 year old Frances, not to her mother Emma.  Rumours abounded about the impending marriage. Frances Folsom declined to comment and went ahead with her travel plans. Emma and Frances Folsom went to Europe and soon after their return, Frances Folsom and Grover Cleveland were married in the Blue Room of the White House on June 2, 1886, despite their 27-year age difference. They honeymooned in Deer Park, Maryland. The newly wed couple rented a house just outside Washington, D.C., returning to the executive mansion (White House) for official functions. At 21 years of age, Frances Cleveland was the youngest first lady in the nation's history. Frances Cleveland attracted immediate attention from the media and was feted for her youth, elegance and beauty.

Facts about Frances Cleveland: Life at the White House
Frances Cleveland became one of the most popular First Ladies in the history of the nation. Grover and Frances Cleveland had five children. Ruth Esther was the first baby to be born to a President in the White House. The Curtiss Candy Company even named their "Baby Ruth" candy bar after the first child of the Clevelands. Grover Cleveland ended his first term in office as 22nd President on March 4, 1889 and the couple lived in New York City. When Grover Cleveland failed to become re-elected Frances Cleveland told the White House staff to take care of the building as she would return in four years time. Her prophecy proved to be correct and Frances Cleveland became only First Lady to preside during two non-consecutive administrations. On September 9, 1893, Frances gave birth to another daughter, who was the first child born to a sitting president, Frances gave birth to another daughter in 1895. The charming, popular and intelligent Frances Cleveland continued to successfully fulfil her social duties until the end of her husband's second term as President on March 4,1897. Grover and Frances Cleveland left the White House retired to Princeton, New Jersey where they had two sons to add to their family. Grover Cleveland died on June 24, 1908. After some time Frances Cleveland married a Princeton archaeologist, named Thomas Jex Preston, in 1913. Frances Cleveland became the first presidential widow to remarry. Frances Cleveland died on October 29, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland and was buried beside Grover Cleveland in Princeton.


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